I’ve been in the e-commerce industry since 2014, and I have worn almost every hat you can wear in this business.  


I didn't always intend to end up here, but sometimes life takes you places you never expected.
I attended the University of San Diego for my Bachelor's degree.  I had dreamed of being a scientist ever since my first biology class, and I was one step closer.  I declared my major in Neuroscience, and ended up graduating with honors.
It was very difficult finding a job in this field. I was nervous.  The only opportunities were essentially full-time positions that were unpaid.  I panicked and took a job as a customer service agent at a local online clothing startup.  I was also working part time as a lab manager, a chemistry tutor, and at night as a waitress.  I had a full plate, but I ended up liking the e-commerce industry a lot more than I intended.
Well, I worked at this startup for almost 5 years.  After 6 months I was promoted, and then again, and again- until I was managing the entire day-to-day operations.  The owners stepped back from the business and let me handle things.  I supervised the ops for production, fulfillment & warehousing, marketing, and design. I especially loved collaborating with marketing and design.  I worked closely with the owner in optimizing our website content, email marketing, and social media strategies.
I managed timelines for all new design projects from inception to product launch.  Product development took up most of my time, and during my tenure I supervised the
 launch of over 300 products. I was the main point of contact for wholesale clients, vendors, & manufacturers.  The business grew from a two person operation in a home garage to a thriving business with an entire team in a warehouse.

After almost 5 years, it was time to move on.  I picked up my things and moved across the country to Florida, and started my own freelance consulting business.  Since then, I have worked with companies big and small- from those who haven't made a sale yet to companies doing $1 million in revenue... a month.  


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